Cheating Spouse

Suspicion of infidelity giving you sleepless nights? We will restore your peace of mind through conclusive evidence.

New partner Investigation

Is the new one in life the right one? We will verify the details through a thorough background check

Child Support Investigation

Is the child not getting the rightful support? We will establish the facts and uncover the truth.

Who we are

About Us

Melbourne Investigation Solutions is the name you can trust. We are a collective of professional investigators whose main aim is to provide a result driven and conclusive service to our clients. Our highly professional agents have years of specialized experience in serving their respective fields, which makes us the high quality professional investigative organization that we are.

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What We Can Do

Special Services


Corporate Investigations

Corporations and organizations need to protect themselves from both external and internal threats that can be detrimental to their growth and prosperity. These threats are challenging to an organization’s solvency needs to be mitigated at the earliest to ensure the continuous growth…


Teenage Monitoring

Parenting is not exactly a cakewalk, but in times, especially with teenagers, is quite the opposite. In this modern age, where there are a million ways for a teenager to go astray and end up in the annals of drug abuse and substance addiction, peace of mind for a parent seems farfetched and quite elusive…

How much will a Private Investigator Cost Me?

At Melbourne Investigation Solutions, we do not charge you for kilometres, as this will create uncertainty and will result in extra costs. We don’t even charge you for photographs or Video evidence. Instead, we are upfront and transparent. We will only charge you a simple fee of $90.00 per hour. We have a minimum hourly charge of 5 hours. So for a small budget of $450 we may be able to bring you peace of mind.


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