Separations or divorces are hard and trying times where both the parties are emotionally compromised. When the castles of dreams and love turn out to be made of sands and fall & crumble like house of cards, it hurts badly. But more than the couple who are splitting, someone is hurting more, and that’s your child. The innocent little child who will suffer for no fault of his/her own, both financially and emotionally.

According to Australian Child support law primary duty of parents, of paying child support, continues until a child reaches the age of 18 years, unless the child is able to support themself before then, marries or is adopted. Separated or divorced parents may apply to Child Support for an assessment of child support, assessed on the basis of a child support formula.


The Child Support formula calculates the contribution of each parent towards the cost of raising a child decently in Australia based on the parent’s combined incomes and the child’s care arrangements. With the provision of fixed assessment a low income parent can pay a fixed amount of $25.42 per child per week.

We at Melbourne Investigations can give you peace of mind regarding your child by conducting surveillance to see how the other parent is treating your child, determining the authenticity of low income declaration of non paying parent, running background checks on custodial parties and many more.

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