New Partner Investigation

A new relationship, falling in love after months and years of staying single, is a great period in our lives. Everything feels good and different, mundane look special, the air gets filled with fragrance and everything and everyone in the world feel great and beautiful. There is no greater felling than the anticipation and emergence of new beginnings.

But in this world ruled by masks over faces, plagued by deception and where people are generally not who they claim to be, trusting your new interest at their face value can be risky and may be harming in the long run. Nowadays relationships are started at online dating sites, chat rooms and in social media platforms where the virtual is taken as real. But this world is quite a dangerous one, plagued by catfishes & fraudsters, by people who in reality are miles from who they claim and pretend to be.


Is your new partner one of them?

There are many cases, where the trusting and loving boyfriend or girlfriend turned out to be a loner stalking people from online dating sites, trapping them with their charming online persona to get money or other things from their prey. If you have even the slightest suspicion or gut feeling that your new partner may not be what they are projecting themselves to be, then feel free to contact Melbourne Investigations for a check. We will conduct discreet surveillance, will take photographic & video evidence, conduct background checks to bring the truth to light and save you from physical and emotional harm

Our services include: