Parenting is not exactly a cakewalk, but in times, especially with teenagers, is quite the opposite. In this modern age, where there are a million ways for a teenager to go astray and end up in the annals of drug abuse and substance addiction, peace of mind for a parent seems farfetched and quite elusive. Teenage delinquencies, drug addiction and abuse have become quite common for our teenagers and more & more kids are getting addicted to wrong way of life.

Melbourne Investigations will offer you the elusive peace of mind by monitoring your kid’s activity and their whereabouts in a discreet manner. We will verify whether kids are mingling with bad company or are falling in the clutches of online dating scammers and catfishes. We understand your concerns and help you to mitigate these concerns by keeping you posted about the locations and activity.

With our teenage monitoring services, you will be in the knowing of:
Who your teenager is meeting?
Where your teen is going?
The whereabouts of your teenager
Is your teenager is under drug addiction?
Is your teenager under substance abuse?
Is your teenager mingling with bad company?
Your teenager’s online and mobile activities