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Spousal infidelity

When we love someone, we love them with all our heart and bestow upon them our unfaltering affection and trust. They say that unions are made in heaven but a few are, in actuality, so and many break up midway due to a variety of reasons. In this fast paced life of ours, relationships start with best of intentions; but soon wither out due to changes in circumstance, feelings and in people themselves.

When you suspect your wife of cheating, you are the one who is living in perpetual pain and agony, unable to get a moments rest and peace of mind with feelings of anger, disappointment, confusion and agony. It’s not a pleasant situation to be in and what you need is closure. A straight forward conclusion, for statistics shows that in 85-90% of the cases the suspicion ends up being correct. Research data has showed that 62% of men and 45% of women will cheat at least once in their marriage.



Signs of spousal infidelity

  • Defensive behaviors with suddenly changing to the offensive
  • Excessive and long overtime work hours
  • Discreet use of computers and mobiles
  • Secretive attitude
  • Aversion towards intimacy
  • Excessive arguing upon confrontation with facts regarding time.
  • Sudden changes in appearance and usual tastes

How we can help

When you are suspecting your other half of being the worser half, you are making a serious allegation and need conclusive evidence to substantiate your suspicion and get the peace of mind, for better or worse. At Melbourne Investigations we provide you with conclusive evidence of your partner’s fidelity or fidelity by conducting discreet surveillance and evidence gather. All our photographs and video evidences are time stamped for authenticity. Our wide range of infidelity investigative services includes:

  • Surveillance
  • Photographic & video evidence
  • GPS tracking
  • Social media tracking
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Integrity testing
  • E mail tracing
  • Phone tracking