September 11

Why the Police will not help you ?

The role of the police is, to maintain law and order in our community. Police are now over worked like never before.

You often here that the police are now under resource to investigate some minor crime. Investigating a crime is extremely expensive and often the attitude from  police is no blood no crime.

Police will prioritise a violent crime over a minor theft. A brick thrown through your window is not going to help a police investigation if there is no lead to go on.

Police are not interested in you losing money on Gumtree or Ebay because the item did not arrive. At Melbourne Investigation we can run the name of the seller through our data base and hopefully obtain   a good result for you to deal with.

The police are now filtering their jobs because they don’t have the resources to investigate.

However, there is help.

Hire a Private Investigator to get the evidence. The police and the courts find it extremely beneficial when the evidence is incriminating and the way to get it is to hire a Private Investigator.

Here at Melbourne Investigation we will go out of our way to get you the evidence.

Whether it is a disgruntle ex-employee, ex-partner, nuisance  neighbour etc..

We will get you the photographic or video evidence when we conduct surveillance.

We will put it on a silver platter for you to present to the police.

They can’t refuse .

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