We started with a simple idea.

About Us

Melbourne Investigations is the name you can trust. We are a collective of professional investigators whose main aim is to provide a result driven and conclusive service to our clients. Our highly professional agents have years of specialized experience in serving their respective fields, which makes us the high quality professional investigative organization that we are.

Albeit thorough professionals, we have an empathetic approach towards our clients. This approach allows us the utmost flexibility to give optimal attention to each and every case, irrespective of the scope or volume.

We listen to our client, we try to understand their concerns which compelled them to seek our services and then formulate a plan of action based on the client’s consent and our expertise.

Whatever be the issue, we offer expert and result driven solution that too in a discreet manner.

Why Melbourne Investigation Solutions:

  • Unrivalled Efficacy: Our efficiency in carrying out investigative services is unmatched and we bring out the truth to light.
  • Appropriate pricing: No hidden or extra charges. Our pricing is transparent, fair, affordable & appropriate.
  • Discretion: We carry out assignments discretely. We gather the best evidence with utmost discretion and secrecy.
  • Result oriented approach: Ours is result driven approach and we strive to collect the best and conclusive evidence.
  • Technical know-how: Our agents are assisted with cutting edge intelligence technology in every step of the investigation to provide the best result.